Urban Asset Solutions specialises in the design and construction of customised trash rack systems modelled to site specific conditions and our client’s preferred maintenance method.  Working in close consultation with you our team offers a full range of engineered services including hydraulic modeling, site survey, construction and as built drawings to ensure an optimal outcome for all invested stakeholders.

Backed by our in-house stainless steel fabrication and pre-cast concrete factories and experienced civil construction team we are able to efficiently manage construction lead-times to minimize disruption to the general public with the execution of the works.

Our bespoke trash rack designs include:

  • Tangential static trash racks
  • Direct Screens
  • Louvered, graduated trash racks
  • Basket trash rack systems
  • Modular net trash racks and
  • Exclusion bars for stormwater outlets.

An integral element of any stormwater treatment infrastructure design is the implementation, construction and commissioning of the system. At Urban Asset Solutions we not only work with you to develop the most appropriate design solution for your site but we also provide a comprehensive installation and construction service.

Our experienced team have extensive know-how and construction knowledge that allows us to provide you with timely advice and practical construction solutions minimising construction costs to achieve the best project outcomes for all interested parties. Our unique turnkey service enables us to manage all elements of the project.

Further our extensive in-house manufacturing experience in pre-cast concrete products, stainless steel fabrication and industrial netting and sewing enables us to control all facets of the process.

Our services include:

  • Civil infrastructure site works and construction activities
  • Risk identification, assessment and management
  • Traffic management and controls
  • Major dewatering and temporary stormwater diversion
  • Bulk earthworks and excavation
  • System commissioning and reporting.


  • All of our site staff are trained and accredited in
  • General Construction Industry OH&S Inducted (White Card)
  • Confined space
  • Senior First Aid
  • Working at Heights
  • Licenced to perform high risk work
  • Traffic Management and Control.

As with all filtration systems, any bespoke designed Ecosol Trash Rack should be cleaned regularly. The cleaning frequency, and the cost, depends heavily on the catchment size, type, estimated pollutant loading and rainfall.

Typically most bespoke designed Trash Rack Systems are designed to be maintained by Bobcat or excavator and also by vacuum truck with access ramps and hardstand incorporated into the system design.

A key benefit of the Urban Asset Solutions designed Ecosol Trash Rack is not only its low capital cost but also its ongoing cleaning and maintenance cost. Generally the Ecosol bespoke Trash Rack designed system can be easily inspected visually to determine whether it needs cleaning.Urban Asset Solutions Ecosol recommends the unit is inspected every two months or after any major rain event to determine if it needs to be cleaned. Cleaning is recommended before the system reaches 50% of its capacity to avoid flows overtopping and bypassing the system.

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