The Ecosol Rain Tank is designed to store non-potable rainwater from impervious surfaces in commercial, industrial, and residential developments.  The Ecosol Rain Tank unit is designed for use on high-density residential and commercial sites where re-use of the rainwater is both viable and desirable. By reducing our dependence on mains water we can cut water-usage costs over time and quickly provide a positive return on the initial capital investment.

The range of Ecosol Rain Tanks is designed to provide a robust and durable, cost effective, underground rainwater harvesting and re-use system.

In developing this innovative system careful consideration has been given to durability, longevity, cost, and maintainability.  Key commercial technical features include:

  • low visual impact and energy footprint
  • designed hydraulics with proven performance and longevity
  • scalable, adaptable design, and
  • cost effective maintenance regime.

The Ecosol Rain Tank is designed to filter and store, ready for re-use, rainwater run-off from building roofs and other impervious surfaces. The system is supplied complete and fully contained ready to reticulate the rainwater to gardens and parks.

The unit is installed underground providing environmentally friendly and safe rainwater storage, which helps reduce the risk of contamination from bacteria and algae growth. The Ecosol Rain Tank consists of a pre-cast concrete pit containing a secondary filter that removes fine sediment from flows. Primary filtration usually takes place upstream of the unit, preferably using one of Ecosol’s primary or secondary treatment devices, thereby helping prevent pollutants usually conveyed in rainwater from entering the Ecosol Rain Tank.

The Ecosol Rain Tank has a controlled inlet device to reduce remobilisation of settled solids and to manage flow veloci­ties and, as with all Ecosol units, it has an overflow mechanism that enables the unit to discharge excess flows. A backflow valve prevents the rainwater from travelling back into the unit. The unit comes with a pump that has a floating intake valve and a controller that are used to reticulate the stored water to its destination at pre-determined volumes. Trafficable, solid-top sealed access covers provide easy access to the unit for inspection and maintenance.

The unit comes in a range of sizes (3,000 to 25,000 Litres) with all internal pipes and fittings included to suit site-specifics. Together with an upstream primary filtration system the Ecosol Rain Tank provides an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and efficient rainwater re-use solution.


Meets industry guidelines and standards
Visually unobtrusive, fully self-contained underground system
Designed for maximum water-holding capacity
Durable, robust product, engineered for the environment in which it operates

At Urban Asset Solutions we can site measure, fabricate, install and maintain your Rain Tank making the whole process seamless.

The Ecosol Rain Tank is specifically designed to provide the most cost-effective solution with maximum water storage capacity. It comes in four standard sizes as detailed below:

Ecosol Rain Tank Unit CodeVolumeExternal Tank Dimensions1Riser DimensionsPump Outlet SizeAccess Cover DimensionsUnit Loading CapacityUnit Weight
LitresL x W x HL x WmmL x WClassTonnes
73003,0002700 x 1350 x 2250mm1200 x 900mm25600 x 900mmD7.6
77007,0003600 x 1650 x 2600mm1200 x 900mm25600 x 900mmD12.6
7150015,0004500 x 1950 x 3200mm1200 x 900mm25600 x 900mmD19.7
7250025,0005550 x 2250 x 3525mm1200 x 900mm25600 x 900mmD28.4
Ecosol Rain Tank Key Dimensions and Storage Capacities

1 The height excludes riser and access cover edge thickness.

General Notes:

  • The quoted storage capacities include air space tolerances of 350 mm from the underside of the cover slab to standard water levels within the device.
  • The above figures assume that the inlet, and overflow, pipe diameter is 100mm.
  • The maximum inlet pipe diameter is 225mm.

To increase the Ecosol Rain Tank total storage capacity and ensure optimal retention of rainwater, multiple units can be installed and connected to each other subject to available space on site. Contact your local Urban Asset Solutions office for site-specific sizing and product performance specifications and designs.

The Ecosol Rain Tank systems are supplied as complete fully self-contained underground water supply systems for non-potable applications.  Urban Asset Solutions representatives can assist you in the selection of the most appropriate systems for your next project.  However as a general guide please refer to the below table for approximate unit sizing.

All Ecosol Rain Tank systems are designed to suit trafficable (Class D) loads.

Ecosol Rain Tank Unit CodeIndicative Roof Service Area (m2)Filter SelectionTreatable Flow Rate (L/s)Inlet/outlet Pipe Diameter (mm)
73002003P Patronen Filter6.4100
77002133P Patronen Filter6.4100
715003873P Patronen Filter11.6100
72500387 - 1,1613P Volume Filter Single, Double or Triple11.6 - 34.8100 - 225mm
Ecosol Rain Tank Optimal Catchment Area & Indicative System Flow Rates

To ensure continued access to good quality water for re-use, your Ecosol Rain Tank must be adequately maintained. The quality of water retained in the tank can also be influenced by a number of factors including the condition of the catchment area (roof and impervious ground surfaces), and vehicle or heavy industry emis­sions.

To maintain your rainwater harvesting system ensure that the:

  • Internal components are regularly inspected (half-yearly) and serviced (annually) to ensure they are clean and free  from corrosion or material build up and are operating to  their designed specification
  • Catchment area conveying rainwater to the tank is clean and in good condition – this includes the regular removal  of any debris from the catchment area
  • Primary, secondary or tertiary filters installed prior to the system are regularly checked and cleaned
  • Overflow siphon devices are clear of all debris
  • Pump is regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Access covers and surrounds are in good condition and correctly sealed
  • Pre-cast tank is de-sludged every 2 – 3 years to remove any accumulated sediment.
lveness-LWDEcosol Rain Tank