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Ecosol Soakwells

on December 5, 2017

Soakwells are designed to provide on-site detention and infiltration of stormwater run-off. The implementation of soakwells enables stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces to infiltrate back into the water table as close as possible to its predevelopment hydrology. Integral to ensuring the system continues to perform as designed is the pre-screening of stormwater runoff with the installation of the Ecosol Soakwell Litter Trap.

Easily retrofitted into any existing soakwell or supplied with your new system the Ecosol Soakwell Litter Trap captures and retains all pollutants larger than 3mm. This essential primary treatment of stormwater pollutants prevents large debris such as vegetation and gross litter from blocking the system thereby ensuring it continues to operate as originally designed.

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