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Goolwa Waste and Recycling Depot

on October 6, 2014

Goolwa is uniquely placed on the Murray River as the Murray meets the sea. This coastal town is

In October 2014 the Alexandrina Council approached Ecosol to help design and supply a cost effective and easy to maintain filtration solution for a proposed composting facility at their existing Waste & Recycling Depot. The purpose of the unit is to reduce the volume of gross pollutants especially vegetation from runoff of a new hardstand area.located an hour and a half south of Adelaide on the Eastern edge of the Fleurieu Peninsula and is a part of the Alexandrina council.

After considering a range of possible filtration solutions Ecosol decided to propose the Ecosol Drop Trap as the most appropriate unit for the site in question. We received the confirmation in February that Council wished to proceed with the installation of the Ecosol Drop Trap and the project was completed March 2015 on time and within budget.

Some of the design considerations that were taken into account included;

  • The available drop (to accommodate the basket in a dry sump situation) – this location had a drop from surface level to the Invert of the outlet pipe of 900mm,
  • The target pollutants which are required to be removed from this location – the upstream detention basin and further filtration meant primary pollutants like leaves and litter were main focus for any filtration device, and
  • Council was also keen for a solution which kept the pollutants in a dry sump situation to reduce their removal costs and the potential for leaching nutrients from organic material captured.

Unit Specifications:

Configuration: Top Entry

Pollutant Holding Capacity: 0.4m3

General product information

The Ecosol Drop Trap is designed to remove and retain solid pollutants in stormwater flows on a range of pipelines and consists of a pre-cast concrete pit containing a capture basket and overflow by-pass flaps. The unit is installed either in-line, or at the end of the stormwater line, where there is a drop between the upstream invert and downstream obvert levels of at least 450mm, and preferably more.

This drop is needed so that the structure can house an adequately-sized basket. Solid pollutants conveyed in stormwater runoff from the impervious hardstand area enters the system through the grated inlet access covers and stormwater is then filtered through.

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