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Dalkeith Rd Wetlands

on April 3, 2012

Water Proofing the South – Dalkeith Road Wetlands

Water Proofing the South is a localised integrated water resource management strategy based entirely in the City of Onkaparinga. The project objective is to  provide alternative water sources such as reclaimed water and stormwater to  replace the use of traditional water sources such as mains water and  groundwater so that overall water use in the region is sustainable economically, environmentally and socially. The $30M Water Proofing the South Stage 2 initiative aims to capture, store, treat and reuse stormwater by creating an integrated system of Managed Aquifer Recovery (MAR) Schemes, wetlands and a pipe  network across the city. The project will offset as much as possible of the city’s mains water demand with stormwater.

The project outcomes include:
• 2.8GL of harvesting
• 2.2GL of reuse
• 4 New wetlands (MAR)
• Integrated system
• Flood mitigation
• Environmental and social dividend

One of the key catchment contributors for this initiative is the Dalkeith Road,  Seaford Rise wetland. Council correctly identified that Wetlands are a vital part of our ecosystem. They absorb pollutants and provide breeding, foraging and protective habitat for animals and plants and reduce the impacts of floods, and coastal or estuarine wetlands can even protect our shores from wave action. Further, Wetlands are nature’s water purifier. Urban development and horticulture has resulted in the generation of many pollutants. Pesticides and herbicides, fertilisers, ’cleaning‘ chemicals, lubricants, minute dust and smoke particles and many other man-made products are washed into stormwater drains, creeks or rivers and the sea, where they can accumulate to levels which can cause serious biological problems. Wetlands can help clean pollution from stormwater. That’s why their design and form is very important. Integral to the success of the wetland is the need to provide effective pre-treatment of stormwater run-off. Large volumes of gross litter conveyed in stormwater runoff is not only visually unattractive but it also hampers and in some instances prevents plant development thereby reducing the effectiveness of the wetland and increases maintenance cost.

Ecosol was pleased to be able to provide some of its product and services to enhance the operational life and efficiency of the Dalkeith Road Wetland for Council.

For further Information – please contact Urban Asset Solutions on P: 1300 706 624

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