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on January 26, 2013

Primary Treatment Key To The Primary Long Term Project Success

Melbourne Waters innovative plan to increase the capacity of the exsiting Clayton South Retarding Basin and construct a new wetland to treat stormwater flows from the Springs Road (5033), East Oakleigh (5041) and Clayton Road (5040) drains will help provide a real long term benefit to the water quality of Port Phillip Bay.

The works entailed construction within the Melbourne Water owned Clayton South Retarding Basin and adjoining Kingston City Council Namatijira Park. Under the Stormwater Quality Offests Program, Melbourne Water committed to constructing a wetland to reduce nitrogen loads from catchment based inputs into Port Phillip Bay.

Funding for the project has been achieved from developer contributions, Melbourne Water floodplain services and the Commonwealth of Australia where best practice stormwater quality objectives have been met onsite.

An integral part of this project was to provide essential prescreening of stormwater flows. Ecosol was approached by the project contractors Fulton Hogan to provide a solution that was effective and efficient to maintain. Ecosol provided its client with its modern, modular, custom designed and built Trash Rack System.

“The main purpose for the primary treatment system in this project is to increase the quality of water by stopping as much rubbish from flowing into the bay and this is exactly how it seems to be working” Patrick Beraun, Site Engineer. Melbourne Water – Waterways Alliance

Ecosol Trash Rack – Performance Details


Ecosol’s innovative modular trash rack system provides essential pre-screening of stormwater flows at the site. As the product has been successfully incorporated into several other water sensitive developments as a cost-efficient, effective primary treatment measure it seemed an obvious choice for this project. It provided a robust and modern filtration system for use where there is potential for vandalism whilst maintaining a high capture efficiency for gross litter.

Easily installed, the unit’s simple design overcame any potential to adversely impact on the hydraulic capacity at the inlet, something that has been traditionally encountered with generic direct screening trash rack systems of the past.

The Ecosol Trash Rack consists of a stainless-steel frame with support legs and a removable heavy-duty UV-stabilised polyethylene filtration net that can be easily lifted out for cleaning and maintenance using a small crane truck. This overcomes the problem usually encountered with traditional, fixed direct-screen designs, which are difficult and expensive to clean.

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