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on November 4, 2012

Pembersihan Dan Pengindahan SG. Melaka, Melaka Parcel 2 – Pakej 1

In 2012, Ecological Filtration Systems Sdn Bhd was awarded the contract for the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of seventeen Ecosol Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT’s) with removable baskets to help protect the Melaka River from stormwater pollution as part of the Malaysian Governments Sg Melaka Conservation and Beautification Project. Mr Chris Braggins of Ecological Filtration Systems Sdn Bhd explained that this is a very high profile project, with the end goal being to restore the water quality of the river back to a Class 2B – suitable for human contact standard. To achieve this, not only do all stormwater drains and tributaries leading to the river require Primary and Secondary Treatment measures to be implemented, but also, some flows from the river needed to be diverted to Wastewater Treatment Plants (WTP’s) to be further refined before re-entering the Melaka River.

With most stormwater drains feeding into the Melaka River from medium to high density housing estates and also within close proximity to Melaka City careful planning with proposed unit locations, on-site construction activities and even access for product deliveries was essential to reduce disruption and safety concerns to the general public during the works. Ecological Filtration Systems Sdn Bhd in partnership with the main contractor Sinnaiyah and Sons Sdn Bhd and Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran Special Project Department, (JPS), worked closely together to ensure a successful outcome for all interested parties.

Key to Ecological Filtration Systems Sdn Bhd project success was its unique ability to design and construct solutions specific to each individual site. In addition its ability to manufacture key elements off site thereby reducing on-site construction times provided a solid platform for a successful outcome. Further, forward planning and consultation with the asset owners to determine the preferred method for ongoing asset maintenance with the inclusion of removable filtration baskets ensures regular maintenance of the installed GPT systems. Traditionally most wet sump systems are cleaned with “Vacuum Trucks” however this plant is not currently available in Melaka.

Ecological Filtration Systems Sdn Bhd aware of the issues removable basket systems can suffer from, in these applications completely redesigned their internal filtration system to provide a simple, durable, safe and modular removable basket system able to withstand the harsh environment in which it is to be operated.

Included in the scope of works is the construction not only of GPT structures but also the “Main Structure” which required large scale excavation, piling works, cofferdam installation and, the construction of grates, tide flaps and diversion drains to transfer the stormwater to the structures. The clever shallow depth and compact design of the Ecosol GPT enabled installation on site to occur either before or after the commencement of the main structure works thereby providing flexibility to construction works and improvement in the overall project timeframes.

With all large scale projects, planning is paramount to a successful outcome. Ecological Filtration Systems Sdn Bhd were able run up to three sites concurrently, with pre-cast concrete and stainless steel internal filtration components being manufactured off-site and then installed as they were delivered to site, to keep the project on schedule.

Currently the treatment plants are not commissioned and all stormwater flows are therefore being treated only by the installed Ecosol GPT’s prior to discharging to the river. However with 90% of the Ecosol GPT’s now installed and commissioned a real visible improvement in the quality of stormwater discharging to the river is evident. We are looking forward to the completion of the project with all GPT’s and WTP’s operating to their designed specification thereby making a significant improvement to the life of the river and Melaka continuing to flourish as a Malaysian tourist hot spot.

Ecosol’s unique turnkey service enables it to provide its clients with a total solution approach including the
provision of customisible solutions, installation, commissioning and maintenance services.

For further Information – please contact Urban Asset Solutions on P: 1300 706 624

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