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on November 4, 2002

“state-of-the-art urban drainage design, with innovative and new treatment systems, sets the benchmark for reducing stormwater pollution”

In 2001 Ecosol, with help from Austrade, expanded its largely-Australian based operations into Malaysia having identified the huge potential of that market. In November 2002, the group won a major contract for the supply of 82 of its award-winning stormwater gross pollutant traps (GPT’s) for a key precinct in the central hub at Putrajaya. Putrajaya is a planned city, located 25km south of Kuala Lumpur, which serves as the federal administrative centre of Malaysia.

The size of the project was extraordinary. The aim was simple: an innovative urban design with a key focus on developing a uniquely environmental city, surrounded by a man-made lake that is fed by many stormwater outfalls from the city and other catchment areas. To ensure the lake is maintained in pristine condition, Putrajaya Holdings, responsible for the project, identified the need to incorporate new and improved stormwater treatment techniques.

The goal was to overcome some of the inherent problems with old trash rack designs and to ensure the project set the benchmark for all future developments in Malaysia. Ecosol’s Managing Director, Andrew Macklin, said:

“This was a project we were proud to be part of and we had our first unit installed within six months of establishing operations in Malaysia”

This project provided Ecosol with many challenges in meeting the needs of its client, including the establishment of local manufacturing facilities and a very tight delivery schedule for product delivery.

With more than seven years of stormwater industry experience, Ecosol, in collaboration with locally-based companies, had the combined experience and industry knowledge to make the project a huge success. Mr Macklin acknowledged Austrade’s help in breaking into the Malaysian market saying “Austrade was able to open doors that we could not even get to knock on!”
Ecosol has now established Kuala Lumpur as its Asian regional hub and is looking to expand further by selling its products and services throughout the region.

“Expanding into new international markets is daunting but with help from key resources such as Austrade it is achievable” said Mr Macklin. “We plan to be a significant global participant in the rapidly-expanding environmental market”.

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