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on June 30, 2002

Data Collection (cont)

The following tables and graphs highlight two of the townships’ data detailing monthly pollutant capture performance and rainfall intensities:

The above graphs clearly highlight the variation in pollutant types generated by different catchments. Pollutant loading in the Forster catchment is predominantly litter whereas sediments and organics are the major pollutants in Bulahdelah.

1 Please note that there were two cleans in December 2001


The Ecosol RSF 100 units installed in the seven townships captured more than 7,178 kgs in the eight-month period from June 2001 to January 2002 that was monitored by the Great Lakes Council. This damaging material would otherwise have entered the surrounding waterways causing significant degradation to water quality in the region.

The project also had other positive outcomes including:

  • It is likely that without the RSF 100 system, much of the 7,178 kgs collected to date would otherwise have become trapped within the pipe system and would have required costly removal. This trapped material can also greatly reduce the hydraulic performance of the drainage system.
  • Since the installation of the RSF 100 units, Council now has a greater understanding of the pollutants generated within each catchment and can actively set about tracing the pollution sources. For example, the Forster CBD is an alcohol-free zone but significant quantities of mixed-spirit cans are regularly removed from the pit baskets.
  • The data collection exercise has provided Council with a valuable resource for use in awareness campaigns to communicate to the public the extent of pollution generated in each area. The data can also be used to support policies or any other intervention strategies Council may consider appropriate in the future.

Further Information

Information relating specifically to the Great Lakes Project can be obtained by contacting Council’s Drainage Engineer, Mr Ian Jackson on 02 6591 7273.

For further Information – please contact Urban Asset Solutions on P: 1300 706 624

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