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SG Puah – River of Life

on April 12, 2013

Kerja-Kerja Kawalan Kuantiti Dan Kualiti Air Sungai/Sistem Saliran/Kolam Takungan Banjir Bagi Projek River Of Life (Rol) Initiatif 5 – Kolam Takungan Banjir Puar (Pakej 1)

In 2012, Ecological Filtration Systems Sdn Bhd was awarded the contract for the design, manufacture, installation and monitoring of its Ecosol GPS systems at the SG Puah site. The systems shallow depth below pipe invert level and its simplistic one piece pre-cast construction enabled works to start immediately. With tight time constraints on the project, this was a key factor in the decision to award the contract to Ecological Filtration Systems Sdn Bhd.

With the first unit commissioned within five weeks of the contract commencement date, a further two suitable sites were identified in December 2012. All three systems were fully operational in early February 2013. Again the ease of installation played a major part in reducing on-site construction time and costs.

The level of professional service provided by Ecological Filtration Systems Sdn Bhd further impressed the contractors when a late change to the design due to the presence of an underground cable required the proposed location of the unit to be amended to the opposite side of the pipeline. The diverse configuration of the Ecosol GPT enabled this design change to be promptly implemented during the installation process.

The final Ecosol GPT was installed in April 2013. The attached inspection report confirms how efficient the systems are at removing pollutants conveyed in stormwater to protect our vital waterways. Further, careful consideration to the ongoing maintenance of the systems by incorporating a shallow underground footprint, generous access openings and the ability to dewater the system upstream without losing any captured pollutants is key to its long-term life cost benefit.

In addition to completing all engineered product designs, manufacture and installation work Ecological Filtration Systems went one step further and inspected the units after the installation to ensure the units were working as designed. Abdul Ghani from Ecological Filtration Systems Sdn Bhdexplained:

“Whilst we knew how efficient our GPT’s were, we were all amazed at the significant volume of pollutants captured in such a short period of time. This just confirms how integral these systems are to improving our waterways”.

Client feedback confirmed that the quality of the components and efficient installation service employed by Ecological Filtration Systems Sdn Bhd was a major highlight. Chris Braggins of Ecological Filtration Systems Sdn Bhd commented that:

“Ecological Filtration Systems Sdn Bhd prides itself on the ability to produce products that will last for years to come and not simply break down after the warrantee period”.

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