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Skypark Hangar

on December 17, 2013

Skypark Hangar

Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, Subang

In 2012, Ecological Filtration Systems Sdn Bhd in consultation with MRAK Jurutera Perunding Sdn Bhd was engaged to provide a robust, efficient easy to maintain stormwater filtration solution for the drainage in Skypark Hangar in Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Subang.

Ecosol was selected as the preferred supplier for the project because of its versatile range of products and turnkey service.

The product specified for this project was the Ecosol Trash Rack consisting of a strong stainless-steel frame with support legs and a removable heavy-duty UV-stabilised polyethylene filtration net that can be easily lifted out using a small crane truck. The system is also designed specifically to have high capture efficiency of gross litter conveyed in stormwater flows and an ability to take on very high flows.  Further, the designed system complies with current MSMA guidelines whilst providing a cost-effective solution.

Onsite installation works were completed within a day thereby minimising disruption to other civil works.  Ongoing monitoring of the system’s performance will be undertaken by a representative of the local university, to confirm the efficiency of the system.

Since commissioning the system on the 17th December 2013 further sites have been identified with additional units scheduled for installation in March 2014.

Key to the project’s success is Ecological Filtrations System Sdn Bhd ability to provide a total solution approach from design, manufacture and through to installation.

Product Summary

Ecosol’s innovative modular trash rack system provides essential pre-screening of stormwater flows at the site. As the product has been successfully incorporated into several other water sensitive developments as a cost-efficient, effective primary treatment measure it seemed an obvious choice for this project. It provided a robust and modern filtration system for use where there is potential for vandalism whilst maintaining a high capture efficiency for gross litter.  Easily installed, the unit’s simple design overcame any potential to adversely impact on the hydraulic capacity at the inlet, something that has been traditionally encountered with generic direct screening trash rack systems of the past.

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